Welcome Publishers!

First of all, please take a little test and see if you fit ‘VisitorDay Publisher’ description.

Are you:

  • Owner or operator of an e-commerce website who regularly posts on blogs and forums to promote your business to potential customers?
  • SEO developer who creates unique content and then tries to publish it on reputable sites, blogs, forums and directories?
  • Blogger who wants to grow a blog into something noticeable by peers, public, or an industry?
  • Anyone else who writes their own quality content and publishes it on Internet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you are what we call a Publisher. And you came to the right place. We know about your constant search for reputable, high-ranking, relevant sites that would be willing to accept your content. And we know that those places are very far in between and most of them will charge you an arm and a leg for their space.

Our network of sites is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Through its Patent-Pending technology, VisitorDay will allow you to browse through literally thousands of sites so you can find a perfect match for each of your posts, be that an article, an excerpt from your blog, your news release or anything else you wish to publish, as long as the quality of your content is superb.

On our network, you can post content for free at your own sites or for a small fee if you want your content to be featured on sites belonging to other members. You can search all these sites using different metrics such as traffic, PR (Google Page Rank), Alexa Rank, keyword match, traffic origin, traffic relevance, etc.

Only here you will be able to precisely identify not only sites, but even pages that have the most visitors interested in what you have to say or promote and engage them in the most profitable manner.

VisitorDay is also full of unique benefits to SEO developers. Here you can browse through thousands of pages with Page Ranking ranging from PR1 to PR6 and select those that precisely fit your marketing strategy.

After submission, your articles will be automatically displayed. No more waiting for approval, no more spending countless hours looking for the right place to post your content and no more outrageous fees. As long as you submit relevant and quality content, your articles will be accepted at any site of your choice.

Below is the table outlining the benefits provided to you by VisitorDay:

  FREE Sites
(free directories, free article aggregators, blogs, etc.)
Paid Sites
(News Aggregators, Industry and Product review sites, Paid article aggregators, etc.)
1. Publishing Experience    
Average time spent finding the right site 25 min 1.5 hrs 1.2 min
Submittal Time 6 min 20 min 45 sec
Approval wait time 3 days 5 days NONE
2. Quality of Pages    
PR, Yahoo and Bing Rating NONE NONE Up to PR6
Natural (Direct) Traffic <5% <20% >80%
Quality of Traffic POOR GOOD GOOD
3. Performance of Publishing Campaign      
Can Be Pre-Calculated NO NO YES
Can Be Tracked NO NO YES
4. Management      
ALL Articles can be Managed from One Source NO NO YES
ALL Campaigns can be Managed from One Source NO NO YES
5. Pricing      
  FREE From $2.99 to $299.99 FREE (if published on your own domains)
  From $0.01/day (if published on members' pages)

Join VisitorDay and make your Online Publishing experience less time-consuming and more rewarding: